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Thanks for stopping by!

We are a family owned and operated ice cream shop. We handcraft our ice cream using
Hudson Valley Fresh dairy from our local farms. Big and small, they've joined together to offer up fresh - days from the cow - milk & cream which we turn into our luscious ice creams!

We aim to use local ingredients as much as we can from freshly picked berries, goat cheese, maple syrup, honey, coffee and so much more!

Our ice creams are free of any added artificial flavorings or
harmful dyes and no added preservatives.

Flavors go so super fast, we don't need to!

All our ice creams are naturally gluten and nut free - just milk, cream, eggs & sugar.
Some flavors like Brownie or Cookie Monster have gluten.
As any of our Reese's flavors will contain nuts.
Our staff can help guide you on which ice creams contain which allegiants.

We also make our own VEGAN ice creams!
Made with a tapioca syrup base so no nuts, gluten, corn or soy.

Those 21+ can enjoy these favors!

We take great pride in the quality of our handcrafted ice creams and
welcome all feedback, suggestions, flavor ideas and more! 

In addition to ice cream, we offer a full espresso bar thanks to
Reverie Coffee Company, as well as some food items!

We hope you'll check us out!
Can't wait to meet you!

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